Principal's Message

Learning new things everyday

We all learn new things everyday irrespective of our age. A baby learns to babble meaningfully, an old 

man learns the way to keep himself out of ill health. A young man learns that a dream is different from 

reality and a middle aged person learns that there are people in this world who need attention and not 

just himself. A daily traveler learns that every journey is different from the previous one. A swimmer 

learns that the water surrounding him in each inch of his movement is different.  

Every morning the sun looks different and new. The drops on the green are fresh. The wind never blows 

the same way a second time. The waves have a million variations. All flowers smell different in intensity. 

All animals sound different, some do not make a sound. We have seen a million things, yet the unseen 

are a myriad. 

We learn some things out of necessity, others out of practice, and still others are learnt because of 

force. Out of all things we learn nothings is wasted. Some things might seem useless, but we have at 

least learn that it is useless!

So let us learn everyday every moment. By interest or force, by necessity or by mistake, conscious or 

unconscious, learn we must.