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Claretines On An Exciting Europe Trip 2019-20

  • 2019-09-30
  • Europe Trip

The Globe trotting adventurous Claretines set out on yet another exciting sojourn to Europe, the land of endless possibilities where the ancient and modern blend together in a unique harmony.A spunky set of 41 Claretines embarked on this historic voyage from 29 September to 10 October 2019 and covered Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. The journey started from the Vatican City, where we visited the St. Peter's Cathedral, Sistine Chapel and the St. Peter's Square. Then we moved on to Rome in Italy, where the group visited the Colosseum, where the fierce Gladiators fought as a sport. They also saw the unbelievable leaning Tower of Pisa and explored the streets of Venice, feasting their eyes on the captivating sunset and the romantic gondolas. The Academia Galleria with its famed statue of David and other priceless pieces of art were a sight to behold. The next destination was the picturesque lanes of Zurich after which we moved on to the mystical beauty of the Alps in Switzerland, with its sweeping meadows and spectacular natural beauty. A thrilling cable Car ride to the top of Mt. Titlis, with the clangs of Cow Bells ringing in the ears from the multitude of cattle grazing in the green pastures, were moments of pure pleasure. The frosting on the cake was the heavenly snowfall which greeted us at the top and the Claretines went mad....selfies, snow fights and rolling in the fresh snow. We wished the day would never end. We then visited Germany and were privileged to see the prestigious Benz Museum with its incredible displays of vintage and state of the art modern mean machines. The next stop was Luxembourg and finally the City of Love - Paris. The Parisian buildings are all classic examples of architecture form the middle ages to the 21st century. The glorious Eiffel Tower and its breathtaking view of the City of Paris, spread out around it were captured through selfies and groupies galore. The Louvre Museum with its classic glass facade and the galleries of art was an art lovers paradise. The famous Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile kept us riveted at the picture, but we were equally compelled to gape open mouthed at the great masterpieces which decorated the hallowed walls of the museum, located on the banks of the scenic Seine River which had been the palace of the Royal French Monarchy. The experience was beyond words and Claretines have become richer in experiences, memories and Knowledge through this visit which gave them a much broader outlook towards life, different cultures and respecting the past.