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St Claret School, Bangalore

Education is one of the keys to survival in life. It is most essential part of human life. Vast amount of time and energy of one’s life span is spent for the purpose of education. Out of many options of survival, Education is the most important and powerful means of survival. It is because of these reasons People emphasize on the access to good education around the globe. A most conducive education and educational environment means a better life and a means of survival.

Information, knowledge can be shared, taught and learned. Mere learning may not lead to productivity. Productivity happens when they are internalised. Internalisation is the process of learning something so that it can be used as the basis of production. When language is internalised, it can be retained and retrieved when needed for communication. Education, if not internalised it ends with examinations. One can produce what one has internalised.


Rev. Fr. Abraham Patteril

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20 Jul


Claret Cup Tournament


24 Jul


Nature Conservation Day - Land Bou Club


25 Jul


Global Day of Parents - We Care Club


27 Jul




Investiture Ceremony 2024-25

'SILVERADO' Graduation Day 2024

Bright Night 2024

26th Annual Sports Day - Clarethon 2023

77th Independence Day Celebration

Claret Cup 2023-24

36th Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

Reminiscence 2023