Core values


1. Faith in God : Claretines shall come to recognize that there is an Absolute Being to whom they belong and in whose love they live, move and have their being. A loving, genuine, creative faith shall come to permeate their life choices.

2. Justice : Having come to believe that they belong to God, Claretines shall come to appreciate the need for justice in their relationships and in society. They shall work towards the realization and furtherance of justice in personal lives and society.

3. Truthfulness & Personal Integrity : Claretines shall uphold Truthfulness and Personal Integrity in their lives and choices. Truth may hurt, but it eventually heals and gives life.

4. Respectful Relationality : In their four-fold relationship - to God, nature, fellow human beings and oneself they shall have an attitude of respect and reverence. For the whole creation manifests the handiwork of God.

5. Service : Claretines shall commit themselves to study and professional training for the ultimate purpose of placing their skills and lives at the service of their fellow human beings and the society.

6. Synergic Co-operation : Claretines shall prize co-operation and synergic collaboration as a group, for the realization of goals. Any healthy competition shall be supplemented by co-operation that is synergic [mutually enhancing and productive]. Personal glory oriented competition is not to be a Claretine value.

7. Intellectual Competence : Every Claretine shall strive to the best of their ability to achieve intellectual competence, which would equip them to realize the creation of a civilization of love.