School Events

A Mega Charity Fundraiser - Bright Night 2023

  • 2023-02-03
  • St. Claret School Ground

St. Claret School's Mega Charity Fundraiser Bright Night 2023 concluded on 3 February with a dazzling evening of lovely songs and divine dances. The packed games stalls and yummy food were an added attraction. Heads of institutions from the campus were joined by cine star Meghana Raj Sarja who appreciated this great effort by Claretines. Television sensation and Ex-Claretine Snehith Gowda added to the glamor. Inmates from 'Sneha Jyothi' Blind School, Athani joined in the festivities and expressed their gratitude through a soothing song. The other fantastic shows comprised the latest hit songs crooned by the Lahari Team. Bright night 2023 hosted smashing band performance by the 'Claros' and St. Claret Degree College. Claretines and A C School rocked the stage with their thumping dances. This wonderful night ended with a promise that Claretines would continue in this noble endeavor.